Club 1921 – Where Diabetes Connections Are Made


Welcome to Club 1921, where anyone with any type of diabetes can find events anywhere in the United States. We believe in the power of personal connections. The internet and social media are terrific, but there’s nothing like meeting someone with diabetes face to face.  It leads to stronger relationships, better health outcomes and more creative advocacy. 

Let everyone know about your event or hangout! Here in Club 1921, an “event” is a larger gathering put on by an established organization. A “hangout” is a smaller happening, like meeting for coffee or parents organizing a playdate in the park.  The biggest difference members will see is that an “event” lists more information and links back to your website. A “hangout” displays less information and allows only an email address (no web link). 

Make sure to fill out all the information for your organization. Members can “favorite” organizations even if they haven’t yet attended your event. This will make it even easier for them to find you in the future.

Why Club 1921? You’ve probably already guessed. That’s the year Banting & Best are credited with the discovery of insulin. We’re all in this club together, we just made it official! Sign up and jump in. Let’s make some connections!